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2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

We’re sending a big shout-out to Melodee Schultz (of the Houston Chapter), who was honored with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award at the SDA EDSymposium17 banquet. Congratulations, Melodee!

Introducing the 2017-2018 Board of Directors

It’s a new year for the Seattle chapter. The 2017-2018 Board of Directors was installed May 18. Presiding over the installation ceremony was Tom Marseille, PE, Hon. AIA, LEED Fellow, of WSP USA.

Pictured, left to right: Director Laiisha Thomas (MG2); Past President/Director Carrie Thompson, CDFA (Studio Meng Strazzara); Director EB Meyer (Weinstein A+U); President-elect Carol Wanda Spradlin (WSP USA); President Judy Beebe, CDFA (WSP USA); Treasurer Kurt Wong, CDFA (Studio Meng Strazzara). Not pictured: Vice President Crystal Ray (Pennell Consulting, Inc.); Secretary Jim Gregson (Parker Smith & Feek); and Director Gretchen Renz, CDFA (Bernardo|Wills Architects).


Congratulations to Janet Bucholdt!

Banquet_Stacy (1)The Seattle chapter sends a hearty shout out to Janet Bucholdt, CDFA, on her Lifetime Achievement Award! Janet (at left in the photo) received the prestigious recognition at the Awards Banquet during EDSymposium16.

Successful People

Stephanie Kirschner, national SDA executive director, ended her webinar presentation today with characteristics of successful people. Continue reading

Congratulations to Amy Nanni!

A hearty Seattle chapter shout-out to member Amy Nanni (New York chapter) who was recognized today at EDSymposium15 with the SDA Lifetime Achievement Award!

SarahHere’s Sarah Wallace, who presented the award.






AmyNanni2015Here’s Amy just after she was called up to the front to accept her award.

If you’re looking to destroy employee morale, give this a try

angry workers

“Fortunately, most of the leaders I work with are keenly focused on keeping their people committed and loyal because they know that engaged and empowered employees perform to their highest abilities and produce exceptional results.¬† But every so often, I come across managers who seem hell bent on doing just the opposite.”

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