Check out what people are saying about the Seattle Chapter.

Schemata Workshop is excited to have Margaret, our office manager, join as a member. We think SDA offers great opportunities for her to network with other administrators from whom she can learn and share experiences. The continuing education offerings seem rich and will help both Margaret and Schemata Workshop in their professional growth.
Grace H. Kim

Portico is a great newsletter. The content is very relevant for any administrative or marketing professional in the A/E/C industry. I love the tips and tricks and grammar quizzes because many of those are things I can apply immediately. Great job!

Jon Davies
Why I Attend SDA Presentations: Besides listening to interesting presentations on a variety of topics that pertain to my industry, I really enjoy getting to spend a few minutes with my SDA peers. It's great getting to hear a little about what's going on in other Seattle A&E offices and talk about the various ways we are all dealing with similar challenges.
Stacy Walker

I appreciate and enjoy the webinars, programs, blogs, and newsletter articles that the Seattle chapter shares with its members and interested parties. They have expanded their educational offerings and thus provide more value to all of us using their services. The information is timely and full of useful tips that we need in order to enhance our skills and knowledge. This makes us more valuable to our firms and the industry as a whole. Thank you, SDA; keep up the good work!

Lois Diemert

Since I have been a member of the SDA Seattle Chapter, I have had a positive experience with peer interaction opportunities presented by the Chapter. Attending various events has given me the opportunity to network with other design firm administrators that I would not have otherwise had ever met.

Being able to share thoughts and to ask for (and receive!) feedback on administrative issues that others in the same field are going through has been both empowering and enlightening in my own growth as the business manager of my firm.

Kurt Wong, CDFA
Attending the Seattle SDA meetings has been insightful and eye-opening; it’s great to hear what sort of challenges and successes other firms’ administration teams are experiencing. I look forward to learning more about SDA and plan to attend future meetings!
Alison Doyle

I’ve never been much of a joiner, but I decided to dip my toe in the pool and found that the Seattle SDA group is so delightful, I’m really glad I did. While they are very professional, they are also fun and enthusiastic.  I now understand why some members have many years with SDA. This is a wonderful organization and I’m excited about being a part of it.

Carol Wanda Spradlin

I just watched the members-only webinar recording (on the “Your Digital Library” page) and I am so excited that we have these resources to offer chapter members – they really add value.

Gretchen Renz, CDFA